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inQ ethics.

mission statement.

To make sense in a world where nothing makes sense.

inQ empowers people to take action and create positive impact in their organisations and communities. It is home to a chosen pool of inQ Experts, the inQ Academy and the inQ Partner Organisations, as well as a virtual community of leaders, professionals and innovators from Europe and around the world. As the inQ Experts, we work with companies and organisations on ethical data management and its purposeful transformation in the wider field of political communication. As a knowledge hub for lifelong learning, the inQ Academy believes in the power of hands-on learning. And as a purpose-driven company, the inQ Community is our effort to connect our European and global ecosystem in the belief that together our actions can solve the great challenges of our time and promote democratic values for sustainable community building. inQ is an inclusive organisation and explicitly values perspectives from different backgrounds, which characterises our offering for the best outcome for clients and use cases.


We are growing to meet our own standards. In the age of artificial intelligence, building a quality database is fundamental, ethical data management is key to a fair digital economy. We strike a balance between data protection and data use. Ethical standards are the starting point for all our thinking. We are guided not only by important regulations, but also by the ethical standard of preventing harm to individuals and reflecting the societal benefits of data-driven work. After all, you can only build trust if you know the quality of your sources.


Collaboration is our mission. inQ is a new kind of collaborative action. We bring together multipliers from business, civil society, politics and academia. For this, defined and lived values are the key for every organisation‘s success. In best case, one does not only formulate these values, but also implement them in the development of products and services. Especially in political contexts, values impact the emotionality of all discourses. If values are not aligned, stakeholders tend to be distanced and react dismissively. However, if the values of the organisation and the discourse are in harmony, stakeholders react positively or are open for change. Value-based analysis is a cutting-edge approach to reveal communicative opportunities and risks and lays the foundation for better understanding of political discourses in your organisation’s interest.


At inQ, we encourage organisations, individuals and communities to articulate positive societal visions and embrace change as an opportunity for social and democratic progress. Our guiding principles are deeply rooted in values that can bring about significant positive change, particularly in political contexts. Embracing openness allows us to encounter new perspectives and generate creativity and new ideas. We support an inclusive environment that fosters the exchange of diverse opinions, ensuring that everyone has a voice and that their viewpoints are respected and valued. We believe in an inclusive globalization that can serve as a role model for qualitative growth. In promoting a more inclusive world, we can work towards a more sustainable future for everyone.

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inQ elevates your political work into the AI age.

We are creating the innovative backbone of data-driven analytics, moving away from one-size-fits-all to customised data environments.

inQ is collaboration in action.

+++EU elections: EPP 181 (+5), S&D 135 (-4), Renew 82 (-20), ECR 71 (+2), ID 62 (+13), Greens 53 (-18), Left 34 (-3), Nonaligned 102 (+40) +++ Macron dissolves parliament after EU defeat, calls election +++ Israeli centrist Benny Gantz resigns from Netanyahu's war cabinet +++ AI 'gold rush' for chatbot training data could run out of human written text +++ India just showed the world how to fight an authoritarian on the rise +++
Ultimate battle victorious.

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